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Curriculum and Instruction

English/Language Arts​​​​​​

K-2: EL Education Prioritizes access to high-quality grade-level texts that are designed to engage students in reading, thinking, talking, and writing on meaningful topics. Places the teacher at the center of the educational experience for students. Prioritizes small group differentiation to accelerate learning and address specific student needs.

3-8: ELA Guidebooks English language arts curriculum, housed on LearnZillion, for whole class instruction to ensure all students can read, understand, and express their understanding of complex texts.


K-8: Ready Math (Directly aligned with iReady) Designed to develop strong mathematical thinkers, focuses on conceptual understanding using real-world problem solving, and helps students become active participants in their own learning.


K-5: PhD Science This curriculum, created by Great Minds, inspires students to wonder about the world and empowers them to make sense of it. The curriculum’s hands-on approach sparks students’ natural curiosity about the real world as they build a deep, lasting knowledge of science concepts.

6-8: IQWST: (Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology) is based upon the development of student understanding through student-focused activities, reading and writing articles while developing an understanding of core ideas in science and the use of scientific practices.

​​Social Studies:

K-2: ​​​​​Social Studies Weekly Curriculum that is organized thematically to the strands of civics and government, geography, economics, and history. The periodical format is hands-on and interactive.

3-8: Pelican Education This Louisiana-based curriculum has students engaged in deeper learning through primary and secondary resources to allow students to gain an understanding of how learning history can impact our decisions for the future.

DBQ Project Helps students develop high-level critical thinking skills through primary and secondary resources to learn how to analyze these sources for evidence that will be used as evidence in their writing process.